Gullah Words

Gullah Tours – Charleston, SC – Abridged Gullah Dictionary

A Glossary of Gullah Words taken from The Black Border
by Ambrose E. Gonzales, and the Vocabulary of Alphonso Brown

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ANUDDUH another
ANSUH answer, answers, answered, answering Also used for
message, especially for one requiring an answer;
“Uh sen’ uh ansuh to de gal fuh tell’um uh wan’
hab’um fuh wife”
I sent a message to the girl to tell her that I
wanted to marry her
AP’UN apron, aprons
ARUH each, either
ASHISH ashes
ATTACKTID Attacked (See “‘tack”‘ and “‘tacktid”)
ATTUH after
ATTHR’UM after him, her, it, them
ATTUHW’ILE after a while
AUGUS’ August
AXIL axle, axles
AX’ME ask, asks, asked, asking me
AX’UM ask or asked him, her, it, them
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BAA’BUH barber, barbers
BAA’K -(n and v) bark, barks, barked, barking
BAA’NYAA’D barnyard, barnyards
BACTIZE baptize, baptizes, baptized, baptizing
BAD MOUT’ bad mouth-a spell, a form of curse
BAID beard, beards
BAIG beg, begs, begged, begging
BAIG’UM beg, begs, begged, begging him, her
BAIT’UM bait, baits, baited, baiting him, her
BAKIEN bacon
BALMUHRALSKUUT Balmoral skirt – a dark worsted underskirt with red
stripes above the hem, of the time of Queen
Victoria and named for her castle at Balmoral
BANDUN abandon, abandons, abandoned, abandoning
BAPTIS’ Baptist, Baptists
BARRIL barrel, barrels
BARRUH barrow, a bacon hog
BAWN born
BAYRE bare bares, bared, baring
BEABUH beaver, beavers
BEAGLE fox hound, fox hounds
B’DOUT without, unless, except
BEEFU’T Beaufort
BEEHIBE beehive, beehives
B’FO’ before; as: “Befo’ de wah”
B’FO’ DAY before day (See “crackuhday,” and “‘fo’ day”)
B’HABE behave, behaves, behaved, behaving
B’HIN’ behind
B’KAUSE because
BEHOL’ behold, beholds, beheld, beholding
BELLUH bellow, bellows, bellowed, bellowing
BELLUS bellows (blacksmith’s)
BEMEAN to be mean to any one, to slander, or abuse
BEN’ bend, bends, bent, bending
BERRY (sometimes “werry”) very
BERITYWELL very well
BERRYWELLDEN very well then
BET’ best
BETTUH better
BEX VEX vexes, vexing; angry, anger, angers, angered
BIDNFSS business
B’GIN begin, begins, begun, began
BIGGUH bigger
BIGHOUSE the Master’s house
BILE boil, boils, boiled, boiling
BILIN boiling
BILLIGE village, villages
BUMBYE bye and bye
BIN been, was
BINNUH been, was, was a; as: “W’en uh binnuh boy “when I
was a boy
BITTLE victuals, food
BLACKBU’D blackbird, blackbirds
B’LONG belong, belongs, belonged, belonging; used
redundantly; as: “Da’ gal him blan blonx to my
Maussuh”That girl she belonged to belong, or used
to belong, to my Master
B’LEEW believe, believes, believed, believing
‘BLEEGE oblige, obliges, obliged, obliging
BLINE (n and v) blind, blinds, blinded, blinding
B’LONG belong, belongs, belonged, belonging
BOA’D (n and v) board, boards, boarded, boarding
BODDUN bother, bothers, bothered, bothering; worry,
worries, worried, worrying
BODDUHR’UM bother, bothers, bothered, or bothering him, her,
it, them
BOFF both (See “alltwo”)
BOL’ bold
BORRUH borrow, borrows, borrowed, borrowing
‘BOUT about
BOWRE bore, bores, bored, boring
BRAWTUS broadus
BREAS’ breast, breasts
BREDDUH (also brudduh) brother, brethren (formal)
BREKWUS’ breakfast, breakfasts
BRESH brush, brushwood; brush, brushes, brushed, brushing
BRESS bless, blesses, blessed, blessing
BRE’T’ breath
BRIAH briar, briars
BRITCHIN’ breeching (harness)
BRITCHIS breeches, trousers
BAUK’UP break, breaks, broke, breaking, broken; “brukfoot
man’@a brokenlegged man
BRUKAA’M broken arm
BRUKFOOT broken foot, or leg
BRUK’UP break up, broke up, broken up: “De meetin’ done
BRURO bureau, as “Feedmun’ bruro”
BRUSTLE bustle, bustles
BUBBUH (familiar) brother
BUCKRUH A White person or persons; the white people
BUCKRUHBITTLE white man’s food
BUCKSLEY Berkeley (county)
BUD bud, buds, budded, budding
BU,D bird, birds
BU’DCAGE birdeage, birdcages
BUH brother, as “Buh Rabbit”
BUHHIME behind
BUHR burr, burrs
BULLYELLIN’ bullyearling, or yearlings
BU’N burn, burns, burned, burning
BURRUH burrow, burrows, burrowed, burrowing
BUS’ burst, bursts, bursting
BUTT’N button, buttons, buttoned, buttoning
BURRUH burrow, burrows, burrowed, burrowing
BUZZUM bosom, bosoms
BUZZUT buzzard, buzzards; vulture, vultures
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‘CAJUN occasion, occasions
CANNIBEL cannibal, cannibals
CANTUH canter, canters, cantered, cantering
CATT’RACK cataract, cataracts (eye)
‘CAUSE because (See “bekase”)
‘CAWCH scorch, scorches, scorched, scorching
CAWN corn
CAWNFIEL’ corn field, corn fields
CAWNSTALK corn stalk, corn stalks
CAWNUH (n and v) corner, corners, cornered, cornering
CAWPRUL corporal, corporals
CAWPSE corpse, corpses; coffin, coffins
CAWSS’ (n and v) cost, costs, costing
‘CEEBIN’ deceiving
‘CEITFUL deceitful
‘CEP’M except, excepts, excepted, excepting; accept
CEP’N accepts, accepted, accepting; unless
CHAA’GE Charge, charges, charged, charging
CHAA’STUN Charleston, S C (See “Town”)
CHANY china, chinaware
CHANYBERRY Chinaberry, or Pride of India tree
CHAW chew, chews, chewed, chewing; also noun, as of
CHEER chair, chairs
CHIL’ child, children
CHILLUN child, children
CHIMBLY chimney, chimneys
CHINKYPEN chinquapin, chinquapins
CHRIS’MUS Christmas
CHU’CH church, churches
CHU’CHYAA’D churchyard, churchyards
CHUNE (n and v) tune, tunes; tune, tunes, tuned, tuning (up)
CHUNK (n and v) chunk, chunks, chunked, chunking, throw
CHUPID stupid
CLAWT’ cloth
‘CLA’TO GAWD declare to God a mild oath
COA’SE coarse
COL’ cold
COLLUH color, colors (“we colluh,” our color, or Negroes)
COME’YUH come here
CONKYWINE concubine, concubines; used for masculine as well
as for feminine affiliations
COONOO canoe, canoes
CUNSAA’N (n and v) concern, concerns, concerned, con
CONTUHDIX contradict, contradicts, contradicted,
CO’SE course, courses, as of a stream
CO’T (n and v) court, courts; court, courts, courted, courting
COULDN’ could not
COULD’UH could have
COUNSTUBBLE constable, constables
COW cow, cows, bull, bulls, ox, oxen, cattle
CULLUD colored, colored people, the dark race
CRACK ‘E BRE’T’ crack his or her breath; same as “crack ‘e teet”
CRACK ‘E TEET crack, cracks, cracked, cracking his, her or their
teeth, meaning opened her or his mouth to speak;
as: ‘E yent crack ‘e teet
CRACKUHDAY crack or break of day
CRAP (n and v) crop, crops; crops, cropped, cropping
‘CRAPE (n and v) scrape, scrapes, scraped, scraping
‘CRATCH (n and v) scratch, scratches, scratched, scratching
CREDENSHUL credential, credentials
CREDIK (n and v) credit, credits, credited, crediting
CREETUH creature, creatures Commonly applied to a beast of
CRIK creek, creeks
CROOKETY crooked; also tricky, unreliable
CROSSROAD the cross roads
CUMP’NY company, companies
CUMPOSHASHUN conversation
CUNWEENYUNT convenient, conveniently, convenience
CUNWENSHUN convention, conventions
CUSS (n and v) curse, curses, cursed, cursing
CUT’DOWN, or TEK’DOWN dejected, chagrined
CUZ,N cousin, cousins (Shakespeare’s “coz”)
CYA’ carry, carries, carried, carrying
CYAA’ car, cars
CYAAF (n and v) calf, calves; to calve, etc.
CYAAM calm, calms; “uh cyaam sea”
CYAA’PENTUH carpenter, carpenters
CYAARIDGE carriage, carriages
CYAA’T cart, carts
CYAN’ can’t
CYAS’ cast, casts, casting
CYAS’NET castnet used for taking shrimp and mullet from
tidal creeks
CYA’UM carry, carried, etc, him, her, it, them
CYO’ cure, cures, cured, curing
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DAT that
DAA’K dark
DAA’KY darken, darkens, darkened, darkening
DAA’TUH daughter, daughters
DA’ DEY that there
DAINJUS dangerous
DAMIDGE (n and v) damage, damages, damaged, damaging
DAYBRUK daybreak, day has broken
DAYCLEAN broad daylight
DEBBLE’UB’UH devil of a
DEEF deaf
DEEPO’ depot, railway station
DEESTUNT decent, respectable
DEM them, they, those, their, theirs them,” as “Sancho
dem,” meaning Sancho and his companions
DEM’OWN theirs, their own
DEMSELF them, they, themselves
DEN then, than
‘DENTICUL identical
DESE these
DESEYUH these here
DISSO just so
DE’T’ death
DEY they
DEY there
DEY DEY there, there; right there; a repetition for greater
DEYFO’ theref ore
DIBE dive, dives, dived, dove, diving
DIFFUNCE differ, difference
DIMMYCRACK Democrat, Democrats, Democratic
DIS’ this; just
DISAPP’INT (n and v) disappoint, disappoints, disappointed,
disappointing, disappointment, disappointments
DISGUS’ disgust, disgusts, disgusted
DISHYUH this, this here
DISTRUS’ distrust, distrusts, distrusted, distrusting
DISTRUSS distress (See “deestruss”)
DISTUNT distant, distance
Do’ door, doors
‘DO’ though, although
DOG (n and v) dog, dogs, dogged, dogging
DON’ don’t, doesn’t
DONE DO’ UM did it, finished the job
DONE’UM did it
DO’STEP doorstep, doorsteps
DO’UM do it, does it, did it, doing it
DRAP (n and v) drop, drops, dropped, dropping
DREEN (n and v) drain, drains, drained, draining
DRIBE drives, drove, driven, driving
DROBE (n) drove, droves, as of animals
DROWNDID drown, drowns, drowned, drowning
DUB dove, doves
DUH do, does; in, to,
DUNKYUH don’t care, doesn’t care, didn’t care
DUNNO don’t know, doesn’t know, didn’t know
DU’T dirt, earth
DU’TTY dirty, soiled
E Return to top
‘E he, she, it
EART earth, world, or soil, ground
EBBUH ever
EBBUHLASTIN’ everlasting
EBE Eve, woman’s name; also eaves
EBENIN’ evening, evenings; “good evening,” a salutation
EB’N even
EB’NSO even so
EB’RY every
EB’RYT’ING everything
EB’BYWEH everywhere
ECKNOWLEDGE knowledge, ability, understanding
EDDYCASHUN education
EEDUH either
EEDUHSO either so, either, else, or
EEGNUNT ignorant
EEN in
EENBITE (also eenwite) invite, invites, invited, inviting
EENFAWM inform, informs, informed, informing
EENHABIT inhabit, inhabits, inhabited, inhabiting
EENJINE engine, engines
EENJY enjoy, enjoys, enjoyed, enjoying; experience
EENSIDE inside
EENSULT (n and v) insult, insults, insulted, insulting
EENTITLE entitle, entitles, entitled, entitling
EENTITLEMENT entitlement, “title;
EENTRUSS interest
EF if
EH, EH! an exclamation
ENNY any
ENT ain’t, are not, is not, isn’t
EN’ T’ING and things, and everything
ENTY ain’t it, isn’t it, are they not, etc.
ENT WUT’ isn’t worth, meaning totally worthless, of no
‘ESE’F himself, herself, itself
‘E STAN’ SO it, he or she, stands so, it is so, it looks so,
EXCEED succeed, succeeds, succeeded, succeeding
EXCUSIN’ excusing, except, excepting (See “‘scusin”‘)
EXWANCE advance, advances, advanced, advancing
EXWANTIDGE advantage, advantages
EDWICE advice
EDWISE advise, advises, advised, advising Ezas
F Return to top
FABUH (n and v) favor, favors, favored, favoring
‘F’AID afraid, afraid of
FAIT’ faith
FAIT’FUL faithful, earnest
FAITFULES’ faithfulest
FAMBLY family, families; family’s, families’
FANNUH a wide, shallow basket used for winnowing beaten
rice or separating the corn husks from grist after
FARRUH father, fathers
FARRUHLAW fatherinlaw, fathersinlaw
FAS’ fast
FASHI’N fashion, like, resemblance
FAST’N fasten, fastens, fastened, fastening
FAU’T fault, faults
FAWK (n and v) fork, forks, forked, forking
FAWM (n and v) form, forms, formed, forming
FAWTY forty
FAWWU’D forward
FEDDUH feather , feathers
FEED’UM feed, feeds, fed, feeding him, her, it, them
‘FEN’ fend, defend
FIAH (n and v) fire, fires, fired, firing
FIBE five; “fibe dolluh en’ seb’ntyfi’ cent'”
FLABUH (n and v) flavor, flavors, flavored, flavoring; as:
“Da’ buckruh’ hogmeat flabuh me mout’ ‘tell uh done
fuhgit uh hab sin fuhkill’um”That white man’s pork
flavored my mouth so that I forgot the sin I
committed in killing the hog.
FLATFAWM platform, platforms
FLO’ floor, floors, floored, flooring
FO’ four
‘FO’ before (See “befo”‘)
FO’CE force, forces, forced, forcing
FORRUD forehead, foreheads
FO’TEEN fourteen
FOWL fowl, fowls; chicken, chickens
FREEDMUN freedman, freedmen
FREEDUM freedom
FREEHAN’ freehanded, generous, liberal
FREEMALE female, females
FR’EN’ friend, friends
FRUM from
FRYBAKIN fried bacon
FUDDUH far, farther, farthest; further
FUH for, for to
FUHGIT forget, forgets, forot, forgetting, forotten
FUH HAB for have: “One dance bin fuh hab deepo’ las’
night”a dance was to have been had at the depot
last night.
FUHR’EBBUH forever, always, all the time
FUH’UM for him, her, it
FSUTT’N for certain, sure
FUH TRUE in truth, for truth, it is so
FULL’UP filled up, as a hive with honey, or a lady with
FLUN’RUL funeral, funerals
FUS’ first
G Return to top
GABRULL Aingel Gabrielhe
‘GAGE engage, engages, engaged, engaging; hire, hired,
GAL girl, girls; girl’s, girls’ Also used familiarly in
addressing women
‘GATUH alligator, alligators
GAWD God, Gods, God’s
GEDDUH gather, gathers, gathered, gathering
G’EM give, gives, gave, giving him, her, it, them
‘GEN again
‘GENSE against
GIB’ / GI give, gives, gave, giving
GIMME give me, gives me, gave me, giving me
GIN’NLLY generallv, in general
GIN’UL general
GIT get, gets, getting, got
GITTA get a
GITT’RU get through, got through; finish, finished
GITTUH get a
GIT’WAY get, gets, getting, got away
GI’WE give us, gives us, gave us, giving us
‘GLEC’ neglect, neglects, neglected, neglecting
GLUB glove, gloves
GONE’WAY go away, goes away, gone away, went away
GOODFASHI’N good fashionwell, thoroughly
GOT get, gets, have, had; also, has got to
GO’WAY go away! get out!
GRABBLE (n and v) gravel, gravels, graveled, graveling
GRABE grave, graves
GRAFF grab, grabs, grabbed, grabbing; grasp, seize,
GRAMMA grandmother
GRAN’ grandgrandchild, grandson, or anyone in such
relationships of “grand”
GRAN’MAAMY grandmother
GRANNY grandmother, but used for any old Negro woman,
whether related or not
GRAN’PUH grandfather
GREE agree, agrees, agreed, agreeing
‘GREEMENT agreement, agreements
GREESE (n and v) grease: “greese ‘e mout’,” to feed with fatness, as
with bacon
GREESY greasy
GROUN’ ground, land, piece of land
GRUMMA grandma GRUM’PA grandpa
GRUNNUTS groundnut, peanuts GUBNUH governor,
GWINE going, going to
GWININ’ goings and goings on
GYAA’D (n and v) guard, guards, guarded, guarding
GYAA’D’N garden, gardens
GYAP gap, gaps, as in a fence or hedge nebbuh gyap”she
never opened her mouth
H Return to top
HAA’BlS’ harvest
HAA’D hard
HAA’DHEAD hardhead, hardheaded
HAA’KEE hark you or ye, hear
HAA’NESS (n and v) harness, harnesses, harnessed, harnessing
HAANT haunt, haunts; apparition; ghost, ghosts
H’AA’T heart, hearts
H’AA’T’ hearth, hearths
HAB have, has, had, having
HAFFUH have to, had to
HAIR RIZ’ hair rose (with fright)
HALFACRE half acre 210 feet squarea measure of distance or
HAN’ (n and v) hand, hands, handed, handing
HANKUH hanker, long, longs, loinged, longing for; desire,
HAPP’N happed, happens, happened, happening
HARRICANE hurricane, hurricanes; “harricane tree,” one thrown
down by storm
HATCHITCH hatchet, hatchets
HAWN horn, horns
HAWSS horse, horses
HEAD (n and v) head, heads; head, heads, headed, heading off
HEAD’UM get, gets, got, getting ahead of him, her, it, them
HEBBY heavy, great; as: “uh hebby cumplain”‘a great
HE’LT’ health
HE’LT’Y healthy
HENDUH hinder, hinders, hindered, hindering
HENG hang, hangs, hanged, hung, hanging
HENGKITCHUH handkerchief, handkerchiefs
HICE hoist, hoists, hoisted, hoisting
HICE DE CHUNE raise or hoist a tune
HIM’OWN his, her’s, his own, her own, its own
HIN’ hind, behind; as, “hine foot”hind feet
HISTORICUSS historic, historical
HITCH hitch, hitches, hitched, hitching; also for marry,
HOL’ (n and v) hold, holds, held, holding
HOL’FAS’ Hold Fasta favorite dog name
HOLLUH (n and v) hollow, hollows, hollowed, hollowing
HOM’NY hominy
HONGRY hungry, hunger
HUCCOME how come, how came;
HUND’UD hundred, hundreds
HUNNUH you (See “oonuh” “hoonuh!l and “wunnuh”)
HU’T (n and v) hurt, hurts, hurting
I Return to top
INFLUMMASHUN information
INGINE engines
INJUN Indian, Indians
l’UN (n and v) iron, irons, ironed, ironing
IZ is
J Return to top
JALLUS jealous, jealousy
JAYBU’D jaybird, jaybirds
‘JECK’ reject, rejects; object, objects, objected,
‘JECKSHUN objection, objections
JEDGE (n and v) judge, judges, judged, judging
JESTUSS justice
JINE join, joins, joined, joining
JININ’ joining; adjoining
JIS’ just
JISSO just so
JOOK jab, jabs, jabbed, jabbing
JOOKASS jackass, jackasses
JUE Due is due
JU’K jerk, jerks, jerked, jerking
JUNTLEMUN gentleman, gentlemen
K Return to top
‘KACE scarce
‘KACELY Scarcely, hardly
KETCH catch, catches, caught, catching; took, take; as:
“‘E ketch ‘e tex f’um de fus’ chaptuh een
Nickuhdemus.”He took his text from the first
chapter of Nicodemus Also for reach, reached; as:
“Time uh ketch de ribbuh bank, de dog done gone”
KETCH’UM catch, catches, caught, catching him, her, it
KI an exclamation (Sometimes “kwi” or ‘kwoy
KIBBUH (n and v) cover, covers, covered, covering
KIBBUH’UM cover, covers, covered, covering him, her, it
KIN can
KIN kin, kindred
KIN’ kind, kinds; sort, sorts
KIND’UH kind of, sort of
KNOW’UM know, knows, knew him, her, it, them
L Return to top
LAA’D lard
LAA’GIN’ enlarging, swaggering, boastful
LAA’N learn, learns, learned, learning
LAB’RUH laborer, laborers
LANGWIDGE language, talk
LAS’ last, lasts, lasted, lasting; last (adverb) ;
shoemaker’s last
LAS’YEAH last year, last year’s
LAUGH (n and v) laugh, laughs, laughed, laughing
LAVUH (n and v) labor, labors, labored, laboring
LAWFULLY LADY Negro’s legally married wife
LEABE leaf, leaves
LEABE (n and v) leave, leaves, left, leaving permit, permission
LEAN FUH lean for set out for with haste and speed
‘LEB’N eleven
LEDDOWN lay, lays, laid or lie, lies, lay, lying down
LEEK lick, licks, licked, licking with the tongue
LEELY little, in size or quantity
LEETLE little, in size or quantity
LEF’ leave, leaves, left, leaving (See “leabe”)
LEF’ HAN’ left hand or left handed, “lef’ ban’ foot,” or
“lef’ ban’ feet”left foot or left leg
LEF’UM leave, leaves, left or leaving him, her, it, them
LEGGO let go, lets go, letting go
LEH let, lets, letting
LEH WE let us
LE’M let them
LEM’LONE let, lets him, her, it, them alone
LEMME let me
LEN’ (V) lend, lends, loaned, lending
LENGK length, lengths ‘LESS (or onless) unless
LIA Lie liar, liars
LIB live, lives, lived, living
LIBBIN’ living ‘
LIBE alive
LIBBUH liver, livers
‘LIBBUH deliver, delivers, delivered, delivering
LICK (n and v) a blow; to whip, whips, whipped
LICK BACK turn, turns, turned, turning back, while moving
LICKIN’ (n and v) a licking, lickings, whipping, etc
LIGHT ON light onmount, mounts, mounted, mounting
LIGHT’OOD lightwood resinous pinewood
LIGHT OUT to start, start off, or away
‘LIJUN religion on listens, listened, listening
LOCUS PASTUH local pastor, or preacher
‘LONG along, along with
LONGIS’ longest
LONGMOUT’ Long mouth descriptive of the surly or contemptuous
pushing out of the lips of an angry or discontented
‘LONGSIDE alongside
LONGUH longer
‘LONG’UM along with, or with him, her, it, them
‘LOW’UM allow, allows, allowed, allowing him, her, it, them
LUB (n and v) love, loves, loved, loving; like, likes, liked
LUK like, alike
LUKKUH like, like unto, resembling
LUK’UM like or resembling him, her, it, them
M Return to top
MAA’CH March; march, marches, marched, marching
MAA’K (n and v) mark, marks, marked, marking
MA’AM madam
MAAMY mother, mothers
MAA’SH marsh, marshes
MANNUS manners, politeness, courtesy
MANNUSSTUBBLE Wellmannered, polite
MARRI’D married, marry, marries, marrying
MASS master when used with a name
MASTUH Master used only for God
MATCH (n and v) match, matches, matched, matchin Yet “matches” is
sometimes used for the singular; as,”Gimme uh
matches”give me a match
MAUM same as “maumuh,” when used with the name of the
person spoken to or of, as “Maum Kate”
MAWNIN’ morning, mornings; also “good morning!”
MEAN mean, meanness
MED’SIN medicine, medicines, physic
MEDJUH (n and v) measure, measures, measured, measuring
MEDJUHR’UM measure, measures, measured, measuring him, her,
it, them
MEK make, makes, made, making
MEK’ACE make haste
MEK ANSUH make, makes, making, made reply
MEK FUH make for; to go to, goes to, went to, going to
MEK OUT make, makes, made, making out; a makeshift
MEK YO MANNUS make your manners, your obeisance
MEMBUH member, members as of a church or society
‘MEMBUH remember, remembers, remembered, remembering;
remind, etc
‘MEMB’UNCE remembrance, remembrances
MEN’ ‘E PACE mend his, her, its, their pace; hurry, hurry up,
MUHSELF myself I
MET’DlS’ Methodist, Methodists
METSIDGE message, messages
MIDDLEDAY midday, noon
MIN’ mind, minds, minded,, minding; heed, etc; take care
MINE of, protect, cherish, guard
‘MIRATION admiration, wonder, astonishment
MIS Miss, Mrs, Mistress
MO’ more
MOAN moan, moans, moaned, moaning
MO’ BETTUH more better, better
MO’ LONGUH more longer, longer
MO’N mourn, mourns, mourned, mourning
MO’NFUL mournful
‘MONG among, amid
MONK’Y monkey, monkeys
MO’NUH mourner, mourners
MO’NUH more than
MO’NUH DA’ more than that
MOOBE move, moves, moved, moving
MO’OBUH moreover
MO,RIS, MO’RES’ most
MOUT’ mouth, mouths
MUHLASSIS molasses
MUKKLE myrtle, myrtles; myrtle thickets
MUNT’ month, months
MURRUH Mother, mothers
MURRUHLAW motherinlaw
MUS’BZ ,must be, must have, must have been
MUSKITTUH mosquito, mosquitoes
MUSSIFUL merciful
MUSSY mercy, mercies
MUSTU’D mustard
MY’OWN mine, my
N Return to top
NAKID naked
NARITY naked, nakedness
‘NARRUH another (See “‘nodduh” and “Inorruh”)
NAVUH neighbor, neighbors
NEBBUH never
NEEDUH neither
NEEDUHSO neither so, neither, nor
NEMMIN’ Never mind
NES’ (n and v) nest, nests, nested, nesting
NIGH near, also draw near to
NIGH’UM near, or nearing him, her, it, them
‘N’INT anoint, anoints, anointed, anointing (See
NO’COUNT no account, worthless
‘NODDUH another (See “‘narruh” and “‘norruh”)
NOMANNUSSUBBLE impolite, without manners, rude
NOMINASHUN nominate, nominates, nominated, nominating
NOTUS (n and v) notice, notices, noticed, noticing
NUBBUH never (See “nebbuh”)
‘NUF enough, abundance
NUH nor; also for and
‘NURRUH another
NUSS (n and v) nurse, nurses, nursed, nursing
NUSSO not so
NUTT’N’ nothing
NYAM eat, eats, eating, ate; sometimes “nyamnyam,” a
epetition for emphasis
NYANKEE Yankee, Yankees
NYOUNG young
NYOUNGIS’ youngest (n and v) use, uses, used, using (See
NYUZE (v) used, using
O Return to top
OBJECK’ object
OBSERB’ observe, observes, observed, observing
OB’SHAY overseer, overseers
OBUH over, above
OBUHTEK overtake, overtakes, overtook, overtaking
OBUH’SHROW overthrow, overthrows, overthrew, overthrowing;
ODDUH other, others
ODDUHRES the other rest, the rest, remainder
OFF’UH off, off of
OFFUH offer, offers, offered, offering
OFF’UM off, or off of him, her, it, them
ONBUTT’N unbutton, unbuttons, unbuttoned, unbuttoning
ONCOMMUN uncommon
ONDEESTUNT indecent, indecency
ONDELICATE indelicate, presumptuous
ONDUH under
ONDUHNEET’ underneath
ONDUHSTAN’ understand, understands, understood, understanding
ONDUHTER undertake, undertakes, undertook, undertaking
ONE only; “me one,” I only
ONETIME once, once upon a time
ONHITCH unhitch, unhitches, unhitched, unhitching; also
marital separation
ONKIBBUH uncover, uncovers, uncovered, uncovering
ONLOCK Unlock, unlocks, unlocked, unlocking
ONMANNUSSUBBLE unmannerly, impolite, rude
ONNUH (n and v) honor, honors, honored, honoring
ONRABBLE unravel, unrave s, unrav
ONSAA’T’N uncertain
ONSATTIFY unsatisfied, unsatisfying
ONTE’L until
ONTIE untie, unties, untied, untying
‘OOD wood, woods
OOMAN woman, woman’s; women, women’s
OSIITUH oyster, oysters
OUGHTUH ought, ought to, ought to be
OUT’UH out
P Return to top
PAA’D’N (n and v) pardon, pardons, pardoned, pardoning
PAA’DNUH partner, partners
PAA’KUH Parker lowcountry family name
PAA’LUH parlor, parlors
PAA’SIMONY parsimony, also avarice or rapacity
PAA’S’N parson, parsons
PAAT’ path, paths
PAA’T (n and v) part, parts, parted, parting
PAA’TY party
PAPUH (n and v) paper, papers, papered, papering
PARRYSAWL parasols
PASHUN patience forbearing
PASS’UM pass, passes, passed, passing him, her, it, them
PASTUH pastor, pastors; pasture, pastures
‘PORTUN’ important
‘PAWTUNCE importance
PEACEUBBLE peaceable, peaceful
PEAWINE peavine, peavines
PENITENSHUS penitentiary
‘PEN’PUN depend, depends, depended, depending upon
PERUSE to saunter, walk in a leisurely manner
PINCH’UM pinch, pinches, pinched, pinching him, her, it
‘PIN Spill, spins, spun, spinning
PINDUH pindar, peanut, peanuts
PINELAN’ pineland, pinelands
‘PINION opinion, opinions
P’INT (n and v) point, points, pointed, pointing; direct
‘P’INT appoint, appoints, appointed, appointing
‘P’INTMENT appointment, appointments
‘PISKUBBLE Episcopal, Episcopalian
‘PISTLE Epistle, Epistles (Bible)
PlTCHUH pitcher, pitchers
PIT put, Puts, Put, Putting
PIT’UM put him, her, it, them
PIZEN poison, poisons, poisoned, poisoning
PIZENOAK poisonoak, or poison ivy
‘PLASH (n and v) splash; to splash, splashes, splashed, splashing
PLATEYE A ghostly apparition
PLAY ‘Possumto make believe, to fool, deceive
PLEASE KIN please can – a redundancy; as: “please kin gimme”
PLEDJUH pleasure, pleasures
PLEDJUHR’UM please, give pleasure to him, her, it, them
PO’ poor, also thin, lean, low in flesh
PO’BUCKRUH a poor white man, the poor whites
PO’BUCKRUHNIGGUH a Negro who had formerly belonged to the poorer
whites, or those not of the “quality”
PO’CH porch, porches
POLITICUSS political (See “cawpsus politicksus”)
PO’LY poorly, describing health
POOTY pretty
PO’R pour, pours, poured, pouring
PO’R’UM pour, pours, poured, pouring it, that
POS’ (n and v) post, posts, posted, posting
POSITUBBLE positive, positively
POSSIMMUN persimmon, persimmons; the tree and fruit
PO’TRIAL Port Royal
PRAISEMEETIN’ prayermeeting
PRAY (n and v) prayer, prayers; prays, prayed, praying
‘PREAD spread, spreads, spreading
PREECHUH preacher, preachers; minister, ministers
PREECHUH ON DE SUKKUS the circuit or traveling preacher
PREMUSBIZ premises
PRESINCK precinct
PRES’N’LY presently
PREZZYDENT president
PRIBLIDGE (n and v) privilege, privileges, privileged
PRIZZUNT present, presents, presented, presenting
PRIZZUNT AA’M present arms
PROMMUS (n and v) promise, promises, promised, promising
PUOOBE prove, proves, proved, proving
PROPUTTY property, wealth
‘PUBLIKIN Republican
PUSCEED proceed, proceeds, proceeded, proceeding
PUHAPS perhaps
P’UHJEC’ project, projected
PUHJUH perjure, perjures, perjured, perjuring
PUHLICITUH solicitor, solicitors
PUHLITE polite, politely
PUHTEK protect, protects, protected, protecting
PUHTEKSHUN protection
PUHTETTUH potato, potatoes usually sweet (See “tettuh”)
PUHTICKLUH particular, particularly
PUHWIDE provide, provides, provided, providing
PUHWID’N providing, also provided
PUHWIDUH provider, providers
PUHWISHUN provision, provisions; ration, rations
PUHWOKE provoke, provokes, provoked, provoking
PUHWOKIN’ provoking
PUHZAC’LY exactly, precisely
PUHZISHUN position, positions
PULBLIC public, the public
PUNKIN pumpkin, pumpkins
PUNKINSKIN pumpkin colored or mulatto Negro
PUNNOUNCE pronounce, pronounces, pronounced, pronouncing
‘PUNTOP upon, on, on top of
‘PUNTOP’UI upon top Of, on top of, at
PUSSON person, persons
PUSSONULLY personally
PYAZZUH piazza, piazzas; porch, porches; veranda
Q Return to top
‘QUAINTUN’ acquainted, acquainted with
‘QUAINTUNCE acquaintance, acquaintances
QUAWL quarrel, quarrels
QUAWLMENT quarrel, quarrels, quarreled, quarreling
QUAWT quart, quarts
QUAWT’LY quarterly
QUAWTUH (n and v) quarter, quarters, quartered, quartering
‘QUEEZE squeeze, squeezes, squeezed squeezing
QUESCHUN SQUESCHUN (n and v) question, questions, questioned
QUILE (n and v) coil, coils, coiled, coiling
‘QUIRE require, requires, required, requiring
‘QUIRE inquire, inquires, inquired, inquiring
QUIZZIT (quiz) ask, asks, asked, asking; to question,
questions, questioned
R Return to top
RABBISH ravish, ravishes, ravished, ravishing
RAB’N raven, ravens; vulture, vultures; buzzard, buzzards
RAB’NEL Ravenel, Ravenel family name
RACKTIFY to break, breaks, broke, broken, breaking Confuse
in mind
RAIN (n and v) rain, rains, rained, raining
RALE real, very, truly
RAPPIT rapid, rapidly
RASHI’N (n and v) r ration, rations, rationed, rationing
RAYBE rear, rears, reared, rearing
‘READY already
REB’RENT reverend used also as a noun, as “de reb’ren'”
RECISHUN decision, decisions
REDDUH rather
REFEN’ defend, defends, defended, defending
REINGE reins
REMONIA pneumonia
RENITE unite, unites, united, uniting
RENOINT anoint, anoints, anointed, anointing
RENOINTED anointed
REPEAH appear, appears, appeared, appearing
REPLOY (rare) reply, replies, replied, replying
REPOSE oppose, opposes, opposed, opposing
RESPLAIN explain, explains, explained, explaining; elucidate
RETCH reach, reaches, reached, reaching
‘RIAH Maria
RIBBUH river, rivers
RIDICK’LUS ridiculous, also outrageous, scandalous
ROAS’ roast, roasts, roasted, roasting
ROKKOON raccoon, raccoons
ROOS’ (n and v) roost, roosts, roosted, roosting
ROOSTUH rooster, roosters
RUBBIDGE rubbish
RUCKUHNIZE recognize, recognizes, recognized, recognizing
RUDDUH rather
RUPPEZUNT represent, represents, represented, representing
S Return to top
SAEB serve, serves, served, serving
SAA’BINT (also “saa’bunt”) servant, servants
SAA’BIS (also sarbis) service, services, use
SAA’CH search, searches, searched, searching; also examine
SAA’F soft
SAA’F’LY softly
SAA’PUNT serpent (Biblical)
SAA’T’N certain
SABBIDGE savage, savages
SABE save, saves, saved, saving
SABEYUH the Savior
SA’LEENUH St Helena Island, on the South Carolina coast
SAME LUKKUH(also sukkuh) same like, like, resembling
SAN’ sand
SAT’D’Y Saturday
SATTIFACKSHUN satisfaction
SATTIFY satisfy, satisfies, satisfied, satisfying
SAWT (n and v) sort, sorts, sorted, sorting
SAWTUH sort of after a fashion
SAY say, says, said, saying
SCA’CE scarce
SCA’CELY searcely, hardly (See “kacely”)
SCATTUH scatter, scatters, scattered, scattering
SCHEMY scheming, tricky
SCOLE scold, scolds, scolded, scolding
SCRIPTUH Scripture the Bible
‘SCUSE (noun) excuse, excuses
‘SCUSIN’ excusing, except
‘SCUSSHUN excursion, excursions
‘SCUZE (verb) excuse, excuses, excused, excusing
SEAZ’NIN’ seasoning
SEB’N seven
SEB’NPUNCE seven pence (See “fo’punce”)
SEB’NTEEN seventeen
SEB’NTY seventy
SECKBITERRY secretary, secretaries
SECUN’ second
SEDDOWN Sit or set down, sits or sets down, sat or set down
SEE See, sees, saw, seen, seeing
SEEGYAA’ cigar, cigars
SEEM seem, seems, seemed, seeming
‘SELF himself, herself, itself, themselves
SENCE since
SEN’UM send, sends, sent, sending him, her, it, them
SESSO say so, says so, said so, saying so (See “susso”)
SET sit, Sits, sat, sitting (See “seddown”)
SETTLE’ settled, as: “settle’ ‘ooman,” a settled woman, a
Negro woman of a certain age, not a ‘flapper
SETT’N’ Sitting
SETT’N’UP sitting up a Negro wake; a small religious meeting
SEZZEE says he, said he
SEZZI says I, said I
SHAA’K shark, sharks
SHAA’P sharp
SHAA’P’N sharpen, sharpens, sharpened, sharpening
SHABE shave, shaves, shaved, shaving
SHADDUH (n and v) shadow, shadows, shadowed, shadowing
SHAME (n and v) shame, shames, shamed, shaming, ashamed
SHAWT short, shawtpashunt,” short patience or irritable,
SHAYAYRE share, shares, shared, sharing
SHAYRE’UM share, shares, shared, sharing him, her, it, them
SHE’OWN her own
SHEPU’D shepherd, shepherds
SHE SHE TALK woman’s talk, gabble
SHET shut, shuts, shut, shutting
SHISH such
SHO’ sure, surely
SHO’LY surely
SHOOT’UM shoot, shoots, shot, shooting him, her, it, them
SHOULDUH shoulder, shoulders, shouldered, shouldering
SHOULD’UH should have
SHOUT (n and v) shout, shouts; shout, shouts, shouted, shouting;
frenzied outcries of a religious devotee A
plantation dancing festival, frequently accompanied
by beating sticks on the floor
SHOW show, shows, showed, showing
SHOW’UM show, shows, showed, showing him, her, it, them
SHROUD shroud, shrouds; also surplice, surplices, as: “De
‘Piskubble preechuh pit on ‘e shroud”
SHUB shove, shoves, shoved, shoving
SHUH pshaw!
SHUM see, sees, saw, seeing him, her, it, them
SHU’T shirt, shirts
SIDE’UH on the side of, alongside
SILBUH silver
SILBY Silvia
SILUNT silent, silence, as “silunt een co’t!’@silence in
court I
SISTUH (formal) sister, sisters
SKAY’D scared
SKAYRE scare, scares, scared, scaring
SKAYTODE’T’ scare or seared to death
SKU’T skirt, skirts
SLABE Slave, slaves
SLABERY slavery
SLABERY TIME slavery times before freedom
SLEEBE sleeve, sleeves
SLIP’RY slippery
SMAA’T smart
‘SMATTUH what is the matter?
SNAWT snort, snorts, snorted, snorting
SNOW’RE snore, snores, snored, snoring
SOAD sword, swords
SOBUH sober
SOBUHR’UM sober, sobers, sobered, sobering him, her, them
SODUH (n and v) soldier, soldiers; soldiering
SOMEBODY somebody’s, some one, some one’s
SOMEBODY’OWN somebody’s own
SONNYLAW soninlaw, sonsinlaw
SOONMAN A smart, alert, wideawake man
SPAA’K Spark, sparks
SPANG all the way, expressive of distance
SPARRUH sparrow, sparrows
SPEC expect, expects, expected, expecting; suspect,
suspects, suspected, suspecting
SPECIFY from specify, but greatly extended to include
almost all meanings of “specifications”proving
inadequate, not coming up to expectations, etc.
SPECKLY speckled
SPEN’ spend, spends, spent, spending
SPERRITUAL Spiritual, spirituals, the Negro religious songs
‘SPERIUNCE experience, experiences, experienced, experieneiiag
SPESHLY specially, especially
SPIDUH spider, spiders
SPILE spoil, spoils, spoiled, spoiling
‘SPISHUN suspicion, suspicions
‘SPISHUS suspicious, suspiciously
‘SPIZE despise, despises, despised, despising
‘SPLAIN explain, explains, explained, explaining
SPLOTCH blot, blots; stain, stains
‘SPON respond, responds, responded, responding
‘SPONSUBBLE responsible, also used emphatically or
specifically; as: “Tell’um ‘sponsubble fuh do da’
‘SPOSE expose, exposes, exposed, exposing
S’POSE suppose, supposes, supposed, supposing
SPO’T sport, sports; also sporting man
SPOT’N’ (n and v) sport, sports, sported, sporting
SPO’TY sporty
‘SPUTE (n and v) dispute, disputes, disputed, disputing; contest
‘SPUTE’N disputing
SQUESCHUN question sometimes used for the more common
“quizzit,” which see
STAA’CH (n and v) starch, starches, starched, starching
STAAR star, stars
STAA’T Start, starts, started, starting
STAA’T NAKID stark naked
‘STABLISH establish, establishes, established, establishing
STAN’ stand, stands, stood, standing; look, looks,
looked, looking
STAN’ A stand, stands; deer stands, etc.
STAN’LUKKUH stand, stands, stood, standing like; to look like,
‘STEAD’UH (also ‘stidduh) instead of STEAL steal, steals, stole, stealing
STO’ store, stores; shop, shops
‘STONISH astonish, astonishes, astonished, astonishing
STRAIGHT’N FUH made for, making for; run quickly or swiftly
STRENGK Strength
STRETCHOUT stretch outextend
‘STROY’D destroy, destroys, destroyed, destroying
‘STRUCKSHUN destruction
‘STRUCKSHUN construction
STRUCTID struck, striking
STUBB’N stubborn
STUDY think, plan, ponder
STUHR stir, stirs, stirred, stirring
STYLISH stylish, meaning also appropriate,dignified,
suitable, as: “uh stylish grabe, ” being a grave
ornately decorated with broken china or glass
‘SUADE persuade, persuades, persuaded, persuading
SUCKAIG SUCK egg as: “uh suckaig dog”
SUCK ME TEET’ and “suck ‘e teet”‘a contemptuous gesture,
frequently indulged in by the fair sex
SUDD’NT sudden, suddenly
SUFFUHRATE separate, separates, separated, separating; also
divorce, divorcing, etc.
SUH sir
SUH that, say
SUHCIETY society, societies
SUKKLE (n and v) circle, circles, circled, circling
SUKKUH same, same like, resembling
SUKKUHR’UM same like, or like him, her, it, them
SUKKUS circus, circuses
SUKKUS-PREECHUH circuit preacher
SUMMUCH so much, so many
SUMMUH summer, summers, summertime
SUMP’N’ something
SUMP’N’NURRUH something or other
SUNDOWN sunset
SUNHIGH late morning, about the middle of the forenoon
SUNHOT sunshine, heat of sun
SUNLEAN period of the day when the sun begins to decline,
and its declining: “sunlean fuh down”
SUN’UP sunrise
SUPPLOY supply, supplies, supplied, supplying
SUPPUH supper
SUPSHUN substance, sustenance, strength of food, as of a
juicy roast: “Da’ meat hab supshun een’um”that meat
has much nourishment
SUSSO say so, says so, said so, saying so (See “sesso”)
SUH so
SUTT’N certain, certainly
SUTTINLY certainly
SWALLUH swallow, swallows, swallowed, swallowing
SWALLUHB’UM swallow, swallows, swallowed, swallowing him, her,
it, them
SWAWM swarm, swarms, swarmed, swarming
SWAY, swear, swears, swore, swearing
I SWAYTOGAWD swear to God
SWEETH’AA’T sweetheart, sweethearts
SWEETMOUT’ sweet mouth blarney, flattery
SWEETMOUT’ TALK soft talk of a philanderer with the gentler sex
SWELLUP swelled, swollen up, puffed up with anger,
importance or authority
SWEET’N sweeten, sweetens, sweetened, sweetening
SWEET’NIN’ “sweetening”
SWIF’ swift, fast Swimp shrimp, shrimps
SWINGE Singe, singes, singed, singeing
SWINK shrink, shrinks, shrunk, shrinking
SWONGUH “swank,” swagger, swaggering, boastful
T Return to top
TAAR (n and v) tar, tars, tarred, tarring
‘TACK (n and v) attack, attacks, attacked, attacking
‘TACKTID attacked (See “attacktid”)
TACKLE (n and v) tackle, tackles, tackled, tackling; arraign, hold
‘TAGUHNIZE antagonize, antagonizes, antagonized, antagonizing;
arraign, arraigned, etc.
‘TAIL (n and v) entail, entails, entailed, entailing
‘TAKE (n and v) stake, stakes, staked staking
TALK’UM talk, talks, talked, talking; talking it, speak
out, etc
TALLUH tallow
TALLYGRAF (n and v) telegraph, telegraphs, telegraphed, telegraphing;
telegram, telegrams
‘TAN’ stand, stands, stood, standing
‘TAN’UP stand, stands, stood, standing up
‘TARRYGATE interrogate, interrogates, interrogated,
interrogating; question, questioned, etc.
TARRYPIN terrapin, terrapins
TARRIFY terrify, terrifies, terrified, terrifying
TARRUH t’other, the other
TAS’ task a measure of distance as well as of area: 105
feet or 105 feet square
TAS’E taste, tastes, tasted, tasting
TAS’E ‘E MOUT’ put a taste in his, her or their mouth or mouths;
meaning something appetizing to eat
T’AW’T (n and v) thought, thoughts
‘TAY stay, stays, stayed, staying
TAYRE tear, tears, tore, tearing
TAYRE’UM tear, tears, tore, tearing him, her, it, them
TEDAY today
TEET’ tooth, teeth
TEET’ACHE toothache
TEK take, takes, took, taken, faking
TEK’CARE takecare
TEK’ESELF take, takes, took, taking himself, herself, itself,
TEK ME FOOT EEN ME HAN’ “tek him foot een ‘e han”‘Took my foot in my hand,
took his or her foot or their feet in his, her, or
their hand or handsmeaning hastened, hurried,
speeded up
TEK’UM take, took, taken him, it, them
TEK’WAY take, takes, took, taking away
TEK WID’UM taken with, pleased with him, her, it, them
‘TELL till, until
TELL’UM tell, tells, telling, told him, her, it, them
‘TEN’ attend, attends, attended, attending; intend,
intends, etc.
TENDUH tender
T’ENGKFUL thankful
T’ENGK’GAWD thank God!thank, thanks, thanked, thanking God
T’ENGKY thank you
T’NIGHT tonight
‘TENSHUN attention
‘TENSHUN intention
TEP (n and v) step, steps, stepped, stepping
TETCH (n and v) touch, touches, touched, touching Also a remnant,
as: “T’engk Gawd, ‘e lef’ uh leetle tetch een de
TETCH’UM touch, touches, touched, touching him, her, it,
‘TETTUH potato, potatoes usually sweet
T’ICK thick
‘TICK (n and v) stick, sticks, stuck, sticking
T’ICKIT thicket, thickets
‘TICKLUH (n and v) particular, particulars
T’ICKNESS thickness, thicknesses
‘TICKY sticky
T’IEF (n and v) thief, thieves; steal, steals, stole, stolen,
stealing “T’ief iz bad, but t’ief en’ ketch iz de
debble”It is bad to steal, but to steal and be
caught is worse
T’IEFIN’ thieving
TIE’UM tie, ties, tied, tying him, her, it, them
TIE UP ‘E MOUT’ tie, ties, tied, tying up his, her, or their mouth
or mouths; meaning held his, her, or their speech
T’ING thing, things
‘TING stirig, stings, stung, stinging
T’INK think, thinks, thought, thinking
T’IRTEEN thirteen
T’IRTY thirty
T’lSTLE thistle, thistles
TITTUH sister, sisters (informal)
TODDUH the other, t’other, the others
‘TOOP stoop, stoops, stooped, stooping
TOOT’ tooth, teeth
‘TOP stop, stops, stopped, stopping
‘TOOPUH on, on top of
‘T’ORUHTY authority
TOTE “tote”carry, carries, carried, carrying
T’OUZ’N thousand
TOWN Charleston, “the City” (See “Chaa’stun”)
TRABBLE travel, travels, traveled, traveling
‘TRAIGHT straight
‘TRAIGHT’N straighten, straightens, straightened,
straightening “‘Traight’n fuh” straighten for, to
hurry or extend oneself for a certain point
‘TRANGLE strangle, strangles, strangled, strangling
T’RASH thrash, thrashes, thrashed, thrashing; thresh,
threshed, etc.
T’RASHUH thrasher, thrashers; thresher, threshers
TREDJUH treasure, treasures
TREDJURUH treasurer, treasurers
TREE (V) tree, trees, treed, treeing
T’REE rarely “stree”three
T’REETIME three times
‘TRETCH stretch, stretches, stretched, stretching “
T’RETCHOUT Streten out
‘TRIKE strike, strikes, struck, striking
TRIMBLE tremble, trembles, trembled
‘TRING string, strings, strling, stringing;
“‘tringbean”string or snapbeans
T’ROAT throat, throats
T’ROW throw, throws, threw, thrown, throwing
T’ROWBONE throw “bones” (dice) play craps
T’HOW’D threw, thrown
T’ROW WAY throw, throws, threw, throwing, thrown away
TRUBBLE (n and v) trouble, troubles, troubled, troubling
TRUS’ (n and v) trust, trusts, trusted, trusting
TRUTE truth
TRUTEMOUT’ truthmouthone who will not lie
TRYBUNUL tribunal, tribunals
TUCKREY turkey, turkeys
TUH DAT to that
TUHGEDDUH together
TUHRECKLY directly
TUHR’UM to him, her, it, them
TUK took
TUMMUCH too much, intensely, ardently, fervently
‘TUMP (n and v) stump, stumps; stump, stumps, stumped, stumping
‘TUMPSUCKUH stumpsiicker, a cribsucking horse or mule
TU’N (n and v) turn, turns, turned, turning
T’UNDUH (n and v) thunder, thunders, thundered, thundering
TU’NFLOUR turned flour, scalded corn meal, mush or porridge;
same as Italian polenta
TU’NUP turnip, turnips
TU’N UP turn, turns, turned, turning up
TUP’NTINE turpentine
T’URSD’Y Thursday
TWELB’ twelve
TWIS’ (n and v) twist, twists, twisted, twisting
TWIS’MOUT’ twist mouth twistmouthed
TWIS’UP twist or twisted up
TOW CHUESDAY, Two T’URSDAY, etc. the second Tuesday or the second Thursday in the
TWO PLACE second place, in the second place
TWO TIME two times, twice
TWOT’REE two or three
U Return to top
UHHEAD ahead
UHHEAD’UH ahead of
UHLLY early UM him , her, it, them
UP TUH DE NOTCH Up to the notch to the Queen’s taste, perfect
US we, our
USE’N used to be, in the habit of
USETUH! used to, accustomed to
W Return to top
WAAGIN wagon, wagons
WAA’MENT “varniint, varmints,” destructive animals or birds
WADMUHLAW Wadmalaw: an island of the Carolina coast
WAH war
WAIS’ waist, waists
WANTUH want to, wants to, wanted to, wanting to
WARRUH what, what is that
W’ARY weary
WAS’E waste, wastes, wasted, wasting
WASHUP worship (religious)
WATUHMILYUN watermeloia, watermelons
WAWN (n and v) warn, warns, warned, warning
WAWSS’ wasp, wasps
WAWSS’NES’ wasp nest
WE our, us
W’EAT wheat
W’EATFLOUR flour, wheatflour
W’EDDUH whether
WEDDUH weather, weather; to rain or storm
WEDD’N’ wedding, weddings
WEEKDAY a week day
W’EEL (n and v) wheel, wheels, wheeled, wheeling
W’EELBARRUH wheelbarrow, wheelbarrows
WEGITUBBLE vegetable, vegetables
WEH where
WEHR’AS whereas
WEHREBBUH wherever
W’ENEBBUH whenever
W’ENSD’Y Wednesday
WE’OWN our own, our;
WERRY very
WE’SELF ourselves
WESKIT waistcoat, waistcoats
WHOEBBUN whoever
WICTORIA Victoria also victorious
‘WlCE advice, advices
W’ICH ,N which
W’ICH EN W’Y which and why as: “W’ich en’ w’y talk’
contradictory talk
WICKIT wicked, wickedness
WID with
WIDDUH widow, widows
WIDT’ width, widths
W’ILE while, awhile
WlL’CAT wild cat, the baylynx of the Southern swamps
WIN’ (n and v) wind, winds; wind, winded winding
WIN’ (n and v) wind, winds, wound, winded
WINE vine
WINEGUH vinegar
‘WISE advise, advises
WISH DE TIME UH DAY pass de time uh day”a salutation, greeting
WISIT (n and v) visit, visits, visited, visiting
W’ISKEY whiskey
WITCH witch, witches
‘WITCH bewitch, bewitches, bewitched, bewitching
W’ITE white
WOICE voice, voices
WU’D word, words
WUDDUH DA’ what is that
WUFFUH what for, why
WUH what, that
WUHEBBUH whatever
WU’K (n and v) work, works, worked, working
WU’LL’ world, worlds
WUNDUH (n and v) wonder, wonders, wondered, wondering
WUNT won’t, will not
WURRUM worm, worms
WUS’DEN’EBBUH worse than ever Wuss worse, worst
WUSSUH worse
WUT’ worth, is worth, was worth, etc “Ent wut”‘a
disparaging characterization Wuz was
W’YMEKSO what makes it so, why
Y Return to top
YAA’D yard, yards
YAA’N yarn, yarns
YAAS yes
YAAS’SUH yessir
YALLUH yellow
YALLUH YAM yellow yam a variety of sweet potato
YANDUH yonder
YEAH ear, ears (corn or other grain) ; also year, years
YEARIN’ hearing
YEDDY hear, hears, heard, hearing
YERRY YEDDY’UM hear, hears, heard, or hearing him, her, it, them
YELLIN’ yearling, yearlings
YENT (ent) ain’t, is not, are not; so pronounced when
preceded by a soft vowel sound
YEYE eye, eyes; so pronounced when preceded by a soft
vowel sound ” ‘E yeye red”his or her eyes are
bloodshot with anger
YEZ ear, ears (human or animal)
YISTIDDY yesterday Yiz is; so pronounced when preceded by a
soft vowel sound
YO your, yours
YOU’OWN your own, yours
YUH here
YUH HIM here he, she, it is, or they are
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‘ZACKLY exactly (See “puhzackly”)
‘ZAMMIN’ examine, examines, examined, examining; question,
questioned, etc.
‘ZYD’N presiding; as: “‘Zyd’n’ elduh’presiding elder.

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